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Rats giggle when they’re tickled and flatworms fence with their penises. Who knew? Explore the science behind animal behavior and see where we fit in this quirky world.

About Miss Behavior

Photo by Matt Magolan
Miss Behavior’s real name is Sarah Jane Alger and she is a biologist. Depending on the day, she may be an animal behaviorist, a neuroethologist, a behavioral neuroendocrinologist, a behavioral ecologist, a physiologist, or a statistician. She has a PhD in Zoology and an MS in Biometry from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and she is faculty at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. She is also a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a student of life, a teacher, an adventurer, an admirer, a traveler and a thinker. Her greatest weakness is cheesecake.

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Photo Credits and Animal Identification for the Eye-Montage Header

From left to right: crocodile gecko by Yanpetro, parrot fish by Gustavo Gerdel, wood duck by kat+sam, human by Matt Magolan (Hee hee! That’s me!), longlegged fly by Thomas Shahan, silk snapper by Citron, red-tailed hawk by Steve Jurvetson, Japanese macaque by Alfonso Paz, jumping spider by Opoterser, agua rica leaf frog by Ron Santiago, Amazon parrot by anonymous, stoat by Kevin Law, panther chameleon by H Zell, northern leopard frog by Matt Reinbold, and cheetah by Kevin Law

All images except for the human eye were cropped from images posted on Wikimedia Commons.

My profile picture was taken by Matt Magolan and was previously published in Canoe and Kayak Magazine.

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