Submission Guidelines


Animal physiology and/or behavior. Either: 1) describe a single research paper in detail or 2) go into more depth explaining a behavioral or physiological concept.


The intended audience is a general English-speaking audience, high school aged and up. This includes high school students and retirees, people of all religions, and people from around the world. I encourage you to be cheeky in your writing, but don’t be disrespectful or obscene.

Also keeping this audience in mind, try to avoid scientific jargon. If you must use a technical scientific term, define it immediately and use it consistently.


  • 400-600 words
  • At least one accompanying image is required. The image must be under a Creative Commons license or created by you (with your permission to publish it). Give credit where credit is due in a figure legend for each figure. Images on Wikimedia Commons are all licensed under the Creative Commons license and can be used as long as you site the author and that you obtained the image on Wikimedia Commons. This site has tons of great animal images, often best found under the scientific name of the species. 
  • Advertisements for and links to for-profit companies are not allowed without explicit permission from the Editor ( 
  • Cite references at the end of the article. 
  • The article should be written in Word and links to videos should be embedded in the Word document. The images should be submitted in separate jpeg files.

Submission process:

Email your manuscripts and accompanying imagery to The top articles submitted will be provided feedback and invited to revise. Manuscripts about specific research papers will be forwarded to the authors of the research paper for comments. Accepted revisions will be published on The Scorpion and the Frog as a Guest Post, with your profile as a Guest Science Writer. (*Note: Submissions with topics too similar to a previous or accepted publication in The Scorpion and the Frog cannot be accepted. If you are interested in this opportunity, please search for your topic in the website prior to writing your article.)

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