Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Battle of The Grad Programs

Graduate school is an intense time peppered with qualifying exams, botched experiments, difficult advisors, and sleepless nights… Sometimes, grad students just need to vent and let loose, sometimes even at the same time. (Singing relieves pain, you know). And when they put their creative minds to it, we are gifted with gems like these:

Engineering Students:

Neuroscience Students:

Medical Students:

Vote for your favorite in the comments section below. If you are in the thick of the academic grind, don’t forget to take a moment to let your hair down once in awhile. And if you feel so inspired, make a video of your own, upload it on YouTube and send me a link to include in a future battle!


  1. I've got to go with Neuroscience. Anybody that can get the whole lab dancing in tight formation gets my vote.

  2. they're all pretty funny! But I really enjoyed the neuroscience.

  3. voting for the engineers! great way to end a test.

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