Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Caught in My Web: Whale and Dolphin Brains, Whale Hunts Dolphin, Behavioral Transmission, Bee Hotels and Horrific But True Duck Tales

Image by Luc Viatour at Wikimedia
From whale and dolphin brains and drama to insect living, this week's Caught in My Web runs the gamut. And I just couldn't resist adding a scientifically accurate (and completely inappropriate for small children) parody of the Duck Tales intro.
  1.  At Brain Metrics, Bradley Voytek tells us just how cool whale and dolphin brains really are at The Measure of a Whale.
  2. As long as we’re talking about cetaceans, here in the Daily Mail are some amazing images of an eight-ton orca leaping over a dolphin in a battle of predator and prey.
  3. The neuroecology blog discusses the transmission of behavior from colonies of harvester ants to other daughter colonies in Transmitting Behavior Between Groups.
  4. Over at Bug Blog, Africa Gómez talks about common species of bees that may use a bee hotel in Bee Hotel Guests.
  5. And finally, many like to think of ducks as waddling balls of feathered cuteness, but their behavior can be downright horrific. The crew at Animation Domination Hi-Def (ADHD) has gifted us with a scientifically accurate version of Duck Tales. WARNING: Once seen, this can never be unseen. Not appropriate for all viewers… or most any viewers for that matter.