Monday, July 6, 2015

Song Battles With Other Species Can Change Your Tune

Many animals defend territories from members of their own species for mating, breeding, and finding food and they often use species-specific vocalizations to do this. Defending a territory can be risky and costly in both energy and time, so even territorial animals generally don’t waste this effort on other species that do not share their same food and breeding needs. But what do you do if you live around another very similar species that has the same needs that you do? Can two species learn to speak each other’s languages to live in territorial harmony?

A common nightingale.
Photo by Frebeck at Wikimedia Commons.
A thrush nightingale.
Photo by Locaguapa at Wikimedia Commons.
Today at Accumulating Glitches, I tell the story of two species of nightingales and how they are learning to sing each other's songs to defend their territories! Check out the article here.

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